Same Day Dentures

Experience the convenience of a new smile in a single day with our same-day dentures. Our skilled dental professionals use advanced technology and techniques to provide you with a beautifully crafted, functional set of dentures the same-day, so you can regain your confidence and enjoy life to the fullest without compromising your busy lifestyle.

What are same-day dentures?

Same-day dentures, also known as immediate dentures, are an efficient dental solution designed to provide patients with a functional and aesthetic smile in a single day. These dentures are crafted in advance of tooth extraction or the removal of existing teeth. On the same day as the tooth extraction procedure, the customised dentures are fitted and adjusted to the patient’s mouth. This allows individuals to leave with a complete set of teeth immediately after the extraction process.

What are the benefits of same-day dentures?

Instant Smile Enhancement

These dentures offer an immediate aesthetic boost, sparing patients the discomfort of living without teeth while awaiting the creation of permanent dentures. This swift solution ensures a rapid restoration of their smile and facial appearance.

Enhanced Oral Function

Enables patients to maintain better oral function compared to going toothless. This means they can continue to speak, chew, and eat relatively normally throughout the healing process.

Safeguarded Facial Structure

Dentures aid in supporting facial muscles and preventing the sunken-in appearance that often accompanies tooth loss, resulting in an improved overall facial aesthetic.

Accelerated Healing

Wearing same-day dentures can facilitate a smoother transition to permanent dentures or alternative dental solutions once the initial extraction and healing period is complete, as patients have been accustomed to wearing them throughout the process.

Efficiency and Convenience

Save both time and effort by eliminating the necessity for numerous dental appointments and temporary tooth loss. They provide a streamlined and convenient solution for individuals in search of immediate tooth replacement.

Same day denture QUESTIONS YOU MAY have


Same-day dentures are typically crafted and fitted on the day of your tooth extraction or removal. The entire process, including impressions and adjustments, can often be completed within a few hours, allowing you to leave the dental office with your new dentures the same day.

Same-day dentures are considered temporary dentures. They are designed to be a transitional solution while your mouth heals from tooth extraction. Most patients eventually transition to permanent dentures or another tooth replacement option once their oral tissues have settled.

While there may be an adjustment period, many patients can eat and speak relatively normally with same-day dentures. However, it’s important to follow your dentist’s guidance on dietary restrictions and care to ensure a smooth transition.

The cost of same-day dentures can vary depending on factors like the number of teeth being replaced and the materials used. They may be slightly more expensive than traditional dentures due to the expedited fabrication process, but the convenience they offer is often worth the investment.

Proper care is essential for the longevity of same-day dentures. Your dentist will provide specific care instructions, which typically include regular cleaning, removal for sleeping, and follow-up appointments for adjustments as your mouth heals.

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